From left: Actress Josefin Asplund (Vikings), creator of Snow Angels Mette Heeno (Livet på Laerkevej), director Anna Zackrisson (Vår tid är nu), Actor Ardalan Esmaili (Gråzon) and actress Cecilia Nilsson (Springfloden). Foto: Jonath Mathew.

Now it’s official that SVT and and danish public service company DR are co-producing the emotionally strong crime drama Snow Angels together with the production companies Yellow Bird and Happy Ending Film & TV. The series is created by screenwriter Mette Heeno (Livet på Laerkevej) and the director is Anna Zackrisson (Vår tid är nu, the upcoming SVT series White Wall). Among the many award-winning actors participating are Eva Melander (Flocken, Gräns), Josefin Asplund (Vikings, Cirkeln), Ardalan Esmaili (Gråzon, Charmören), Cecilia Nilsson (Simon och ekarna, Springfloden), Shanti Roney (Arne Dahl, Vägen ut) and Danish actor Maria Rossing (All Inclusive, Follow the money). The series is set to take place in Stockholm in the spring starting in February, and the six episodes are expected to premiere in the spring of 2021.

Meanwhile Swden is paralayzed by heavy snowstorms the night before Christmas Eve, the five-week-old baby Lukas inexplicably disappears from his home in a worn suburb of Stockholm. The young parents are in shock. But the experienced police officer Alice thinks that something is not right in their stories. She becomes obsessed with the case. A BVC nurse had also expressed concerns about the baby’s safety. More and more glances are directed at Lukas mother Jenni, who has been affected by sleeping pills and she doesn’t remeber what actually happened that night, and where is Lukas?

Creator of the series Mette Heeno describes Snow Angels as an exicting, emotional and complex family story, secretes and motherhood. -How does it really feel to have child and to lose it, or to never have that long-awaited child, says Heeno and continues: -I want to explore desperation, love, hope and that fear that can hit you when you become a mother and I want to do it through ordinary, vulnerable chracters with flaws and flaws that we all can recognize us in

Director Anna Zackrisson is looking forward to taking on Snow Angels. -Mette’s script is exicting, sad and warm, and has a strong thematic thought, says Anna Zackrisson and continues: – To creat this world with just that these actors who each and every one contribute so generously into one clearly character driven story, feels fantastic.

Anna Croneman, program director for drama at SVT welcomes the swedish-danish collaboration: -Snow Angels are a very fine example of Nordic coorperation. If the public service companies togheter can be the best partner for the best Nordic talents, the we have a chance to play a decisive role for the audience in the future, despite the unimagninable international competition, says Anna Croneman.

Georgie Mathew, producer at Yellow Bird, is exicted about the start of the recording in February: -I’m really looking forward to taking Mette Heeno’s extremely captivating, nail-biting story in goal along with the director Anna Zackrisson, the star ensemble and the rest of our fantastic team, says Georgie Mathew.

Snow Angels will be broadcast in 6 episodes in 60 minutes, with a scheduled premiere in spring 2021. REinvet studios is responsible for intenational distribution outside the Nordic region.